Our electricians are qualified to inspect and test any type of electrical installations and issue the appropriate safety certificates. They’ll check the condition of your fixed wire installation according to British Standard BS 7671.

When do I need an EICR?
In most cases, having an up-to-date electrical safety certificate is not a legal requirement. However, there are legal requirements for landlords of tenanted properties and businesses to ensure a safe living or working environment.

An EICR is the only way of confirming a fixed wire installation at a property is safe. Therefore, if an accident occurs as a result of a faulty electrical installation, and an EICR hasn’t been recently carried out, the landlord or business owner could be held responsible. Having an up-to-date electrical safety certificate is usually a condition of insurance policies too.

Homeowners; EICR recommended every 10 years, or if moving into a new property, or if a problem is suspected

Tenanted properties; EICR required at every tenancy change, maximum of 5 years from previous EICR, or if a problem is suspected

Commercial properties; completely dependent on the type of property and the usage, or if a problem is suspected

Our electrician will be able to recommend how often an EICR should be carried out at your property based on the age of the fixed wire installation


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